Home Depot Coupons December 2013

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The Home Depot’s online portal homedepot.com provides “do-it-yourselfers” with the tools necessary to conquer any home improvement task. Interested in finishing that basement? How about giving the kitchen a facelift? Have you been putting off adding that fresh coat of paint? Home Depot has you covered with all the supplies you’ll need and at fantastic low prices. From leaks to complete restoration projects, The Home Depot has the materials, advice, and tools needed available to tackle anything. Take advantage of Home Depot’s global reach to find deals that only can be offered by the home improvement innovators. The Home Depot is so confident you’ll be pleased with their prices that they offer a 10% price match guarantee. Find a better advertised price and The Home Depot will match it and provide a 10% discount. “More Saving. More Doing.” at The Home Depot. You’ll find deals on appliances, bath and faucets, building materials, decor, doors and windows, electrical materials, flooring, kitchen, lighting and ceiling fans, weather preparedness, lumber, paint, plumbing, storage and organization, tools and hardware, and patio materials. Please use the promo codes and coupons below for even more savings.

Sprint Promo Code November 2014

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New Sprint Promo Codes for November 2014

Sprint Nextel Corp. is one of the largest providers of wireline and wireless communications services in the United States market. The company is based out of Kansas and has been operating for an astonishing 114 years. Today, Sprint has over fifty million customers and was rated number one in customer satisfaction by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Sprint offers a wide array of wireless services and cellular products through its affiliates partners. You can find the latest smart phones and tablets at Sprint stores and online retailers. New devices like the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone 5 are available with a variety of options and accessories. Some of their broader services include international calling plans and GPS coverage. With the emergence of versatile tablets and high-speed internet access, Sprint has established itself as a choice provider. The company’s portable USB internet devices and Wi-Fi hotspot pods are affordable and lightning fast. Sprint offers 4G speed on most of its tablets and devices, which is the fastest wireless speeds available on the current market. The future of Sprint Nextel is certainly bright. The company has begun partnering with businesses of all sizes to provide communications services for a new era. Business solutions like custom mobile applications and faster push to talk devices will insure Sprint remains a top tier communications company for years to come.

Brooks Brothers Promo Code December 2013

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Brooks Brothers Promo Codes

$10 Off $50+ Sitewide When You Register for a new account with coupon code REG1X

You will find elegance on your laptop every time you go to BrooksBrothers.com. Classic southern elegance and the legendary quality that has made them the oldest men’s clothing chain in the United States and is now available for online shoppers. For the simplicity of a men’s best-selling cotton shirt or women’s fashionable accessories online Brooks Brothers now offers the latest fashion and complete up to date fashion favorites. Get ready for the next season of newest fashions and the upcoming season’s newest color combinations to purchase classic clothing for men women and children. From a classic polo shirt to the simple and versatile little black dress now there are coupons to entice anyone who finds it hard to resist quality. Even kids will make the statement with all the “in” styles for school and those special after school activities. Cottons – linens and silk, made in America or imported, the variety is endless when you shop online. It is where vintage meets retro and classic meets spontaneous flair. Online shopping at Brooks Brothers offers anyone the fun to mix it up in fashion. Now it is even more affordable with the great discount coupons and coupon codes. There is no reason not to shop at BrookBrothers.com because it is not just about individual shoppers anymore. Brooks Brothers has the most fantastic Corporate Membership and all throughout the year the members receive advance notice of extra offers and services to members of the program. When a company joins, their employees enjoy everyday discounts at no cost. Additionally, don’t’ forget to check out the sale items that extend as much as 60% off. How can anyone resist? Don’t forget to purchase gift cards and order their catalog and you can do both online. The purchase process is fast easy and very secure. Choose the coupon here and start experiencing the savings!

Mcafee Promo Code December 2013

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McAfee.com is the largest trusted anti-virus provider in the world. They provide a multitude of computer protection services, including encryption, email security, anti-virus, and firewalls, at competitive rates. Services are provided for mobile devices, home use and for owners of small, medium, and large businesses. Thanks to a top-notch research team, the database is constantly updated, offering the consumer completely up to date virus protection that strives to always stay one step ahead. In addition, McAfee provides forums to exchange information and give users a heads up about new security threats to their devices, as well as site advisory services to let you know when a website is a potential threat. McAfee’s products are competitively priced to ensure you can afford to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes. The company offers free trials of their products. Please browse the coupons and promo codes below for even more savings.

4inkjets Coupon December 2013

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4inkjets.com supplies ink cartridges and toners at great discounted rates. They carry a wide range of printer inkjet cartridges, from Canon to Lexmark. 4inkjets.com also sells inkjet refill kits, fax toner, laser toner, and many other supplies for your printing needs. They carry a line of beautiful high quality paper, which ranges from 4 x 6 photo paper to wide format rolls. Another option that they have is refurbished inkjet cartridges and toners. They are a perfect solution for saving money and they also provide high quality prints and durability. 4inkjets.com provide the highest quality products and unbeatable customer service. They are always available to answer any questions, whether it is over the phone, seven days a week, or through email anytime. They offer fast US Priority Mail shipping as well as UPS, and free shipping is given to the customer on all U.S. orders exceeding $50. Please feel free to use the coupons and promotion codes below to get a great discount on your order from 4inkjets.com.

PSprint Coupon Code Free Shipping December 2013

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Psprint provides clients a full range of print products and services. Additionally, psprint.com completes orders from production facilities on both the East and West coasts and is able to fulfill orders and deliveries in a timely manner. Customers will find out that the orders they place on the website are fulfilled by state-of-the-art equipment on the back-end.

Psprint’s website is goes beyond basic print services and products. Psprint’s website gives customers a marketing edge on building promotions. The tools and galleries allow customers to build their print material with minimal effort. In fact, there are 150 templates which can be downloaded for free to assist in creating and assembling print materials.

The website is designed to meet the print needs of small businesses while not sacrificing quality. Products offered include checks, a full range of business products, and services for businesses in domain registration, search engine & social networking marketing, and webs design & hosting. Psprint seeks to establish long-term relationships with small businesses.

Psprint has been in business for over 22 years. They were recently acquired by Deluxe Corp., a company dedicated to promoting small business growth. The acquisition has increased the range of services offered to Psprint clients. Also, Psprint’s quality comes with responsibility. Their print services are conducted in environmentally green facilities. Customer orders are fulfilled and shipped with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints. Customers can rest assured that doing business with Psprint not only promotes their business growth but benefits the environment as well.

The Sportsmans Guide Coupon Code – Free Shipping – December 2013 -thesportsmansguide.com

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The Sportsmans Guide Coupon Code for March 2013

The Sportsman’s Guide offers a wide range of hunting, camping, military surplus and outdoor supplies. The inventory listed on their website seems almost limitless, and includes ATV accessories, shooting supplies, outdoor furniture, sporting goods, tents, sleeping bags, survival supplies, tools and just about anything else an outdoor enthusiast could want. With detailed product descriptions and sizing information, you will know exactly what you are ordering before you place your order. The Sportsman’s Guide has two options for placing an order; using their on-line checkout system, or by telephone through their customer service department. Discounts, including coupons and “members only” specials, are available to members of their Buyer’s Club. The site offers sales and markdowns on various products and includes a clearance area for extra savings. The Sportsman’s Guide also rewards you for sending new customers to their site. You will receive a $15 eGift Certificate, and the friend you refer will also receive a $15 credit off their first order of $49 or more.

Verizon FIOS Promotion Code and Promo Codes 2014

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New Verizon FIOS Promotion Code and Promo Codes 2014

Verizon FIOS will offer you great gift card rewards when you refer friends, family members and other individuals you are associated with to sign up for Verizon services. You can receive a gift card of your choice from up to 15 different popular merchants to make purchases on whatever you want. Select a gift card that goes toward dining out, purchasing a great gift for someone special, for buying electronics for your home and much more. There is no limit toward how many people you can refer and how much you can earn.

As a reward for every customer to whom you refer for Verizon’s services, you can receive a $50 gift card of your choice. These individuals will use your personal referral code, which will be unique from codes of other participants. A $25 gift card of your choice can also be earned for each person you refer to Verizon’s services who signs up. You are free to refer as many friends, family members and other associates to Verizon whenever you like and in any manner of your choosing and enjoy the perks of earning unlimited gift cards as a reward.

Cutting Back On Savings: The Recent, Couponing Trend

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The Rise of Couponing

Cutting Back On Savings: The Recent, Couponing Trend

Are you crazy about couponing? You’re not alone! Believe it or not, 80.6% of consumers use coupons on a regular basis.

Yes, it’s true that coupon mania has been on the rise over the last few years; even more so after TLC’s hit reality series, “Extreme Couponing,” aired in 2010. Though pretty apparent by the title, the show chronicles – you guessed it! – extreme shoppers and their coupon-consumed lives.

While it makes for good television, couponing has long been prevalent before the emergence of reality TV. The first known coupon surfaced in 1887 by the Coca-Cola Company as part of their marketing strategies. Coupons were mailed to residential addresses and placed sporadically throughout magazines. Voila! Cue the world of coupons as we now know it!

The coupon distribution is currently at an all-time high. In 2012 alone, more than 274 billion coupons had a face value of $419 billion in savings.

Interested in more statistics? Below you can check out some cool, couponing facts that have been taken from CouponingChic.com’s latest, coupon-driven infographic!

In 2012, pre-Super Bowl papers had the most insert coupons: an average of 134 pages worth!
The average insert coupon value in 2012 was $1.53.
On average, coupons for grocery items take up three-quarters of insert pages!
In 2012, Walmart was the top advertiser of coupon inserts, followed by Walgreens and Target.
There were coupons issued for 348 new products in 2012.
Of the ‘Top Coupon Categories’ in 2012, “Personal Care Products” were #1.
Of the ‘Top Coupon Categories’ in 2012, “Yogurt” was #2.
Of the ‘Top Coupon Categories’ in 2012, “Salty Snacks” were # 3.
Of the ‘Top Coupon Categories’ in 2012, “Portable Snacks” were #4.
In recent years, coupon usage has increased by 14.3%.
91% of surveyed consumers plan a shopping list with coupons before shopping.
27% of distributed coupons allow consumers to make multiple purchases.
On average, coupons expire within 9.9 weeks from distribution.
Digital-coupon distribution have increased with 11% more printable and paperless offers.
64% of consumers regularly search the Internet for coupon savings.
88.2 million consumers used online coupons in 2011.
92.5 million adult Internet users used online coupons in 2012.
96.8 million adult Internet users are expected to use online coupons in 2013.
Every hour spent couponing is worth an estimated $100 in savings.
74% of consumers search multiple coupon sources each week.
25% of consumers spend up to an hour shopping for the best online discount deals.
Moms are twice as likely to search for online coupons than any other category of women.
52% of coupon users spend more than 15 minutes per week searching for coupons.
25% of coupon users spend between 30 minutes and 60 minutes searching for coupons per week.
Consumers saved $4.6 billion in coupons in 2011.
Consumers saved $3.7 billion in coupons in 2010.
42% of all smartphone/tablet users used a mobile coupon.
Mobile coupons are redeemed 10x more often than traditional coupons.
32% of grocery shoppers use online digital coupons.

The average redemption growth for coupon distribution?

Internet – 263%
Direct Mail – 69%
Magazine Pop-up – 51%
Instant Redeemable – 48%
Electronic Checkout – 39%
Free-standing Insert – 36%
Digital Promotions – 31%
Shelf Pad – 30%
In-Store Advertising – 27%

If you liked this information, then you’ll love Coupon Chic’s money-saving methods! Visit her homepage at www.couponingchic.com for additional resources and information!







Norton Coupon Code December 2013

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The internet is a big place, and it can also be very scary; it seems like a virus can infect your computer at almost any time. Give yourself some piece of mind and go with Norton for all of your internet security needs.

Maintained by one of the foremost antivirus and computer safety research groups in the industry, Norton protects you from the dangers that lurk around every corner of the web. You can choose between their namesake 360 suite – which offers data storage, real-time scanning, and comprehensive internet and anti-virus protection – or the other products that they have designed to keep your computer and your identity safe, all at an affordable yearly subscription fee that you can renew without a hassle. If you’re still on the fence, you can try each and every single product before you buy.

Make sure that your computer is protected from data thieves and hackers. Choose one of our promo codes or coupons and save yourself some money when you shop with Norton.com.