Redbox Codes December 2013

Redbox Codes

  • Use Redbox Code Q5K72X4Z for .50 off a second disk rental!
  • Text the keyword POINTS to 727272 for a free game rental!
  • New to Redbox, register for a FREE rental code. is the modern way to rent movies and rent games. Instead of going to stores you go to a kiosk which can be found at many different locations. You pick out the movie or game you want and use your debit or charge card to pay for it. It really is that simple. Customers tend to like Redbox for several reasons. First of all it’s a simple process. The customers like the cost, $1.20 a day, Blue Ray disc are $1.50 and video games are $2.00 a day, and now they have even included purchasing concert tickets at

Another great thing about is no matter where you rent the movies or games from you can return them at any You do not have to go back to where you got the movie or game from originally. normally has all the latest movies and games and so if you are looking for something you can usually find it. They also offer great discounts and coupons to you so they do value their customers. changing the way movies and games are rented.