Top 10 benefits of a Pre-Paid Smartphone Phone

Pre-Paid smartphone benefits

Pre-Paid smartphone benefits

Prepaid phone plans are becoming more popular than ever. USA Today reported the no-contract phone market in the U.S. comprises almost 25 percent of the total call phone customers. Here’s the top advantages for a prepaid phone plan that includes many cost-saving benefits along with high tech features.

1. They’re Cheaper

While inexpensive prepaid phones with no contracts have been popular for years, even top-of-the-line prepaid smartphones are available now and cheaper over the long term too according to a recent report. Although the upfront cost of a prepaid smartphone is higher than it would cost under a contract plan, the savings from going with a prepaid, no-contract carrier saves around $1,000 during a two-year period.

2. Better Cost Overrun Control

With a prepaid phone, there won’t be any unexpected cost overages. Many prepaid phone plans offer a generous number of talk minutes with unlimited texting and data plans as well.

3. No Contract Required

A two-year contract frustrates many cell phone customers who’d like to change carriers because of service issues, poor reception after relocating or just to take advantage of special offers. A prepaid phone avoids the long-term contract commitment and provides the freedom to change carriers, as you like.

4. No Expensive Penalties or Fees

Cancelling a cell phone contract early can cost as much as $350 in fees. That won’t happen with a prepaid phone and most carriers don’t charge activation fees either.

5. Flexible Payment Plans

Many prepaid phone carriers offer monthly, fixed-amount payment plans. “Pay as You Go” plans offer the convenience of refilling as needed without a regular payment schedule, although minutes may expire after a set time-period.

6. Flexible Payment Methods

After the initial activation, refill payment methods include using a prepaid phone card, a credit or debit card, and direct transfer from checking accounts. Most carriers offer an automatic monthly payment feature that can be set up either online or through the phone’s customer service feature.

7. Inexpensive Models to Deluxe Smartphones Available

Until smartphone makers like Android and iPhone became available for prepaid phone plans, most prepaid phones were the inexpensive “just the basics” models. Nowadays, mid and top-line phones are available as well as the basic models.

8. Several Offer Unlimited Talk, Mobile Web, Text, and Data Plans

Many carriers feature different combinations of fixed or unlimited minutes for talk and mobile web. Some offer unlimited text and data options too at a lower cost than contract phone plans.

9. No Credit Checks

For those with no credit history or the credit challenged, a prepaid phone may be the only viable phone option. The advantage of no credit checks helps those in the midst of applying for a loan or mortgage too, as credit checks can lower a credit score.

10. Top Rated Customer Service Included

The lower prepaid phone rates don’t necessarily mean a lower quality of service. A 2013 Consumer Reports survey deemed one prepaid phone carrier’s service as better overall than any of the contract service providers — including the major carriers and its data service scored equal with Verizon.

Using a prepaid phone plan saves money with comparable service quality to contract plans. A little research and comparison-shopping will find the best features to fit your budget and needs.